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An Evening with Suspense Writer Gregg Luke

We promised it would happen. Now don’t miss this chance to talk with one of your favorite local suspense writers, Gregg Luke!

He’ll be talking about his journey as a writer: MY STEPS FROM NEOPHYTE TO NOVELIST. All friends of suspense novels and all aspiring writers are invited to come and meet the master!

This will be a fun evening free of charge. Popcorn provided.

We hope to see you there! This FRIDAY, February 23, at 7p.m.


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An Evening with Josi Kilpack

Josi began writing her first novel in 1998 and has written twenty-five novels, one cookbook, and been part of multiple collaborations since then. She is a four-time Whitney Award winner and Best of State winner in Fiction.  Josi currently lives in Willard, Utah, with her husband and children.

Josi excels in various genres: historical romance, regency romance, mysteries, novellas, anthologies, women’s fiction.

Please join us for an evening with the amazing Josi Kilpack.


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Authors & Illustrators Series Continues in May

After a little break, we are bringing to you an author AND an illustrator in the month of May.

May 10 — 7 to 9 p.m.
Author Nancy Bo Flood

Nancy Bo Flood

Nancy Bo Flood

As we are celebrating Utah Water Week, Nancy Bo Flood will be presenting her publication WATER RUNS THROUGH THIS BOOK.

“My work has always focused on children and young adults – as a researcher, counselor, teacher, parent, and now as a writer. I have conducted workshops on child abuse, learning disabilities, play therapy, and creative writing. My work and research has allowed me to live all over the world – in Malawi, Africa, Hawaii, Japan, the western Pacific, and, most recently, the Navajo Nation where I hike, ride my bike and attend local rodeos.”

Every attendee that evening will walk away with this free book.

  • A Green Earth qualified book
  • A Sigurd Olson Best Nature Writing Award Winner

This event is co-sponsored with iUtah.

May 12 – 7 p.m.
Illustrator Sherry Meidell

It was in Cache Valley where, as a young child, Sherry Meidell went to walk down a crunchy gravel road, enter a barn where the sunshine made dust sparkle and dance in the air and watch a Grandpa get the early morning milking done. Whenever she drives out of Sardine Canyon and catches the first glimpse of the valley, memories come flooding back.

You never know when those memories or the things she’s viewed in life make their way into illustrations for a children’s picture book. Meidell loves to tell stories with paint. She is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, Utah Watercolor Society, and the Western Federation of Watercolor Societies. And she illustrated the poem, The Centaur, of a famous Loganite, May Swenson.

She will be talking about the process of illustrating the picture book The Centaur by May Swenson, published by Utah State University Press. She will talk about the illustration process from the first reading of the manuscript to getting the new box of illustrated books.

She will also talk about the artistic life in general and how to keep the creative portion of your life active, how to overcome fear and put paint to paper. And while doing that, she will demonstrate some watercolor painting.

PLEASE COME AND JOIN US FOR BOTH OF THESE FANTASTIC EVENINGS! Light refreshments will be served. And raffle items will be given away.


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Meet Judy Young, Children’s Book Author, August 5

“Authors & Illustrators,” sponsored by the Friends of the North Logan Library, is back! On Friday, August 5, at 7 p.m., we present to you: Judy Young!


You’ve probably been asking yourself, “What’s it like to be a children’s author?”

You’ll find out as Judy reads from her books and shares the publication process of her fiction, nonfiction, and poetry books, starting with where ideas come from to rough drafts, final manuscripts and publication as well as some “behind the scenes” aspects of the working life of an author.

You will also get a sneak peek at Judy’s newest book, The Wild World of Buck Bray: The Missing Grizzly Cubs—Book One, due to be released in September.

Some of her books are available to preview at the library.

Autographed books will be available for purchase. All ages welcome. Refreshments and raffle.

Promise cover art Pet for Miss Wright JudyYoungRhyme JudyYoungHHook


TREAT #1: LeVar Burton reads A Pet for Miss Wright.

TREAT #2: The author introduces Basil B. Barnswhitten to us.

For more information, see Judy Young’s website.


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Naked Nutrition on June 3 @7p.m.

Amy Choate

Amy Choate

Come experience our Authors & Illustrators evening program, Friday June 3, 7 pm at the North Logan Library Café  (pre-registration required). We’re featuring Amy Choate, co-author of NAKED NUTRITION. You may have met Amy at the Winter Bookmark, where she signed copies of her book and gave advice on healthy eating. This time, she will talk about how she came about publishing a cookbook while demonstrating her cooking and prep techniques. WE WILL BE SAMPLING WHILE SHE COOKS! Taste healthy foods prepared by Amy  centered on living, vibrant, and yummy snacks that can easily be turned into a light meal—just perfect for summer cooking!

Please sign up early in order to help with planning this evening by going to this link:

The preliminary plan for tasting healthy foods that Amy will prepare is centered on living, vibrant, and yummy snacks that can easily be turned into a light meal—just perfect for summer cooking!

Sunflower Seed Ranch Dressing & Veggie Sticks: This dressing is incredible! Not only is it plant-based, pro-biotic, and nutritious, children and adults alike find it delicious! It is a fantastic way to sneak powerful nutrition into our bodies.

Gluten-Free Flatbread: This healthy bread stands on its own or pairs beautifully with salads, soups, dips, or as a sandwich base, etc.

Pesto Snacks: Nutritional powerhouse snacks, loaded with cilantro—known for its ability to remove toxins from the body.

Nacho “Cheese” Snacks: The plant-based dip at the center of these snacks will win the hearts (and stomachs) of everyone!

Herbal Sun Teas: Possibly the fastest, easiest, and most cost effective form of nutrition year-round!

Greens with Savory Seed Toppers: Your garden produce and salads will taste even more delightful with these seeds!



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“Authors & Illustrators” Series Kick-off a Success

On Friday, March 4, we kicked off our new series “Authors & Illustrators” with a reading by Chadd VanZanten and Russ Beck from their book On Fly-Fishing the Northern Rockies: Essays and Dubious Advice. The two writers read engaging stories about their love for fly-fishing while their friend and well-known fly-tyer Tim King demonstrated the art of tying flies. The audience was able to follow his every move as it was projected onto a large screen.

In addition, there were snacks available and a number of really wonderful raffle items, including 8 flies by Mr. King and fish-themed pottery from Hyrum’s Rasmussen Pottery.

Russ Beck reading one of his stories. Next to him: fish paintings on display.

Russ Beck reading one of his stories. 

Chadd VanZanten reading and Tim King tying a fly.

Chadd VanZanten reading and Tim King tying a fly. (Photos: Sabine Barcatta)

A big thank you goes to Russ, Chadd, and Tim for sharing their stories and skills. And thanks to Barbara Middleton for organizing this series. Please stay posted for further announcements. We are  hoping to dedicate every first Friday of the month to this type of event.

Next month’s speaker is USU photography professor Carsten Meier. He will speak about his longtime project of photographing dams. His recently published book DAM will be available for previewing in the library. (It cannot be checked out until after April 1.)


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Evenings with Authors & Illustrators

For 2016, the Friends of the North Logan Library will be organizing a new speaker series: evenings with authors and illustrators. Everybody is invited to attend. Dates and times will be posted here and in the library as they become available.

Before the talk tonight (Friday, March 4), you can listen to an interview with Chadd VanZanten and Russ Beck on KVNU (AM 610). It  will start shortly after 4:00 p.m. on FOR THE PEOPLE, with Jason Williams.

Please mark your calendars for the first event in this series, hosted on Friday, March 4, at 7p.m.

Chadd VanZanten and Russ Beck, co-authors of On Fly-Fishing the Northern Rockies: Essays and Dubious Advice, will share fishing stories with us. In addition, Tom King will demonstrate how to tie flies. There will be some fish art for your viewing pleasure. Fish-related raffle items (including some of Tim’s flies!) can be won. And light refreshments will be served!

the 3 participants

Pictured here are Tim King, Russ Beck, and Chadd VanZanten with fly fishing and typing gear.

Russ Beck teaches writing at Utah State University. Chadd VanZanten is a professional editor. Both are based in Logan, Utah. And both contribute to They will be reading from their new book:


This will be a fun evening! Bring your friends!
Admission is FREE! Light snacks served.


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